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It was my graduation a couple of weeks ago, and I really had no idea what nail colour I was going to wear. I wanted something special, yet also something that would fit in with my outfit. Whilst in Superdrug these nails – The Elegant Touch Metallic Nails in Molten Gold – just happened to catch my eye. I had some gold detailing on my shoes so gold was my chosen colour accessories wise. 

I had never tried “fake” nails before. I have never liked the fake nail look, especially when the nails are about an inch long, for me it just screams tacky. However, what really intrigued me about these nails is they are cut to fit your own natural nail length. In other words, they are your nails exactly, no length added but with a covering over the top. This definitely appealed to me as this seemed so much classier.

The length I bought was “short” as this was the only size available in my local Superdrug. I was worried that this wouldn’t fit my naturally long, slim nails but I was pleasantly surprised. Each pack comes with 2 different sized pairs, therefore you can really tailor the size to the best fit of your nail. What is great, is that each nail comes with a detachable tab with a number on it, which not only catagorised the size of the nail, but also makes it incredibly each when it comes to applying each nail with the glue provided. When I selected and applied each nail, I then snapped the tabs off last, which was very easy and gentle to do.

The only problem I found with these nails, is for me I am not used to wearing any kind of nail “coating” other than polish, and it can feel a little unnatural at first. Also, trying to change for bed was an issue as one of my nails pinged off! But never fear, it was ridiculously simple to glue it back on, and it didn’t come off again.

On the day of my graduation (I had stuck my nails on the night before, after my bath incase the warm water detached the glue)… everyone who saw my nails commented on them and asked how I did them/what they were. For me this is always a sign you have great nails when people who don’t know you come and ask what you’ve done! 

All in all, the nails lasted me pretty much a week before they had all gone. A couple had pinged off whilst using a chip and pin machine, therefore couldn’t be glued back on. They are also a little difficult to photograph as they are so incredibly reflective! 

If you have a special event coming up, and you want the nails perfect for that one day then these are something I would definitely recommend trying. Afterall, you cannot get the same result with polish alone. 

The Elegant Touch nails are available in a multitude of different designs. I bought mine from Superdrug for around £5.25, however it’s worth checking on Amazon as you can find more designs, and for a lower price too.

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