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Today I thought I would review the complete range of liquid foundations by Dainty Doll – the cosmetics company set up by Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts. The brand is primary aimed at those with pale skin, after Nicola herself had well documented struggles with her own pale skin whilst being in a girl band whereby she was surrounded by the pressure to conform to the bronzed look. Not only this, but she too also recognised the lack of products (particularly foundations) available if you have ultra fair skin.

I was kindly bought the lightest shade of this foundation for Christmas, but wanted to wait to do this review until I have all four shades to compare. As I have mentioned previously, the problem with buying foundation is that if you have cool tones like I do, you do NOT want any deep orange/yellow tones to the foundation you buy, which is usually the case with shades labelled “ivory” or “fair” and it’s often misleading because of that.

Dainty Doll Founder Nicola Roberts

As Dainty Doll has been created by someone who actually has pale skin therefore understands the requirements, I naturally had high hopes. I firstly have to commend Nicola for being brave enough to stand up to the expectations that you must be fake tanned at all times, let alone bring out a make up range to support the idea that pale skin is ok for all those who struggle.

I found the lightest shade 001 to be just a touch too light for me which I found quite surprising. However when you apply it to the face, the colour can look a bit sheer white particularly on the chin. I tend to mix 001 with just a drop of my Mac Studio Sculpt foundation in NC15. This allows me to get the perfect shade. The beauty about 001 is that is does blend beautifully with other foundations you’ve no doubt cast aside for being too dark like I have. As long as you are careful with how much you add – you can still get the real lightness without changing the pigment too much

The quality of the foundation is really impressive, and I apply it with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush as I do all my liquid foundations. It has a good thick consistency and is easy to blend. It’s not one of these foundations that doesn’t move well, although I do usually moisturize and prime my skin in advance to ensure a smooth application. I would say overall this foundation is a mid-coverage.

As for the packaging, firstly the product comes in quite a lovely little illustrated box. This means if you are giving it to someone as a present it does look rather special. The container itself is made of quite a sturdy plastic as opposed to glass, making it lightweight and ideal for traveling with. The foundation is released via a pump action as opposed to an open lid, which I generally prefer as it means you can use up every last drop of product and avoid waste… but you can’t have everything!

One issue I would bring up with 001 is that I didn’t have a concealer anywhere near light enough to use with it. This means if I use it exclusively on it’s own, I can’t conceal. This is another reason I tend to mix it with another foundation so that my concealer blends a little nicer. If you are going to purchase the lightest shade, it’s worth looking at the Dainty Doll concealers because they are more likely to be a perfect match as opposed to another brand.

There are four shades of the Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation in total. In all honesty, only 001 & 002 for me qualify as “pale”. Infact 004 is extremely dark in real life, comparable to Yves Saint Laurent shade “BR 60”.  I do find it a little odd that Dainty Doll goes as dark as it does considering it is aimed at those with pale skin. I personally would have had the other two shades as pink undertoned shades to cater for all different types of fair skin. Interestingly, I also found 004 the most difficult to remove from my arm after swatching them which proves how strong the dark pigment is.

As for 003, I would say this is a very similar shade to the Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation I used a few years ago in the shade “Ivory”. It’s arguably fair, but does show up quite dark on your skin if you are extremely fair and don’t have the right undertones to counteract it. I personally wouldn’t buy a foundation in this shade if I swatched it on my hand, as I would consider it to be too dark for my skin.

Price wise, the Dainty Doll Liquid Foundation retails at £22 normally, however Boots are currently selling it for £14.67 online. If the price has generally come down on this product, then that can only be a good thing as it means it will be more accessible to those who can’t afford £22 on a foundation. I do hope the price decrease doesn’t mean Dainty Doll are going out of business though! They have taken a well needed step towards colour equality in make-up, making the rest of us feel less self conscious and helping us to embrace our natural skin tone.

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I am a beauty blogger with experience working on various different makeup and fragrance counters. I believe all skintones are beautiful and I love to inspire confidence within my readership.

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  1. I got Dainty Doll foundation as I too am super pale, and opted for the lightest and you know what, it was even too LIGHT for me!! I have literally never had this problem 🙂 So I got shade 2 as well, and it was perfect colourwise. I do think it's a bit light coverage wise and I didn't really find it to be buildable. I liken it more to a tinted moisturiser consistency – but I like my make up to be pretty much caked on! I have done a couple of reviews on pale make up and my favourite is Illamasqua Skin Base in shade 02 (01 is white) – you can check out my review here, and the bonus is you can often get testers on ebay http://fromgreertoeternity.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/illamasqua-skin-base-foundation.html xxx

  2. Hi there! I have tried contacting them several times but I think they have stopped producing it. Although, they haven't actually officially said they have discontinued the line so I'm not sure what's going on. Either way I'm trying not to use up the last of my 001….

  3. hi girls !! I'm from Argentina bs as
    I am very pale / white but pink soft.
    All makeup( all fondations) numbers: 00 or 01 0 01 fit me very yellow on my face.
    know that there brand for my skin,. ?
    I have very oily skin and I need it very cover. (acne)
    I'm 35 !! I have no wrinkles;)

    Shame there excites more this brand!!!

    as was this brand?
    the oo1? it was yellowor pink ?.
    It was very light ??.

    thank you very much. valeria 😉


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