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Today I thought I’d review the Fair/Light tester kit by Sleek. I have often thought this would be a wonderful idea if more companies made similar testers that you could order online, so you could truelly try before you buy. The Fair/Light kit is the lightest range of shades that Sleek make, and contain the following 5 shades: Linen, Oyster, Oatmeal, White Rose and Shell.

Currently, Sleek are not selling the Fair/Light tester kit on the website in the Creme to powder format. However, they are selling it in their “New skin revive format” which you can find here. The difference between the two, is that Creme to powder is a compact foundation, and skin revive is liquid foundation.

I will always have a soft spot for Sleek, after winning Clothes Show tickets and a generous gift bag from them, for both me and my cousin last year. However I have to be honest, in that I was a little disappointed at how dark these shades are, once I applied the swatches to my arm. White Rose and Shell in particular, are much more suited to tanned skintones, and I wouldn’t class them as “light” at all.

Also, I wasn’t sure what to make of the finish when I applied the lightest shade Linen to my face. The finish was slightly cakey for my liking, however it’s really up to the individual and some may work better with the finish than I did. I think if I was going to purchase the lightest shade “Linen”, then I would definitely buy the liquid version of this shade, over the crème to powder format.

At £2.99, I definitely recommend buying this tester kit if you have been wanting a Sleek foundation but don’t want the disappointment of the shade being incorrect, especially as there is always the risk of the foundation oxidising on the skin, and becoming even darker.

My overall opinion of this kit, is that Linen – the lightest shade Sleek make – is the only shade I would consider to be suitable for pale skin tones. It is a similar shade to NC15 in Mac, however is lighter than this. It would be great if Sleek could remake this palette, and begin with an off-white as the lightest shade, and perhaps end with Linen. Maybe I’m asking for too much here, but I definitely think there is a market for extremely pale foundations – even if it’s just for mixing with other products.

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  1. Hello,
    So I found no other way to contact you. But I was reading an old post of yours, sleek rose gold 2012 post. I have to say, I suffer the same problems you have with getting certain make-up brands. I live in little old NZ and we have nothing like boots or drugstores. So buying brands is highly difficult. Also I have fair skin, just like you. So I found your sleek colour rose gold, to help me out a lot with finding the right colour to buy – as I have to purchase online.

  2. Hi there Kourtney 🙂 That comment meant alot, so thankyou for taking the time to read my post!

    I just had a look for you, and on another blog somebody has said that shipping from Sleek's website to NZ takes a week. I hope you are able to find a blusher you are happy with, it's a great feeling when you find one that suits your skintone! 🙂

  3. Thank you! NC15 is too dark for me, so Linen probably is too. NW10 is the right lightness, just doesn't have the correct undertone. I wish there was NC10. 🙁

  4. The best advice really, is to buy Mac Face & Body in White (Illamasqua do a white foundation too) and then custom mix your foundation. It's a pain, but the only way to really match your foundation to your skintone. NC15 is also too dark for me on it's own 🙁

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