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Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish is a hot cloth cleanser, that is pretty much a staple in most beauty bloggers lives. Infact, it is more than likely you’ve heard countless people talk about it on youtube. So why another review on it? I guess I really wanted to talk about C&P from my own experiences, especially if you have never used it yourself, and are looking for a good quality cleanser.

So lets start from the beginning. Liz Earle founded her brand in 1995, and now has 4 UK stores, with the company base situated in the Isle of Wight. The brand is renown for their high quality ingredients that are responsibly sourced, and are also free from animal testing. 

I have been a C&P addict for a good 2 years now. In terms of my skin, it’s not perfect (whose actually is?!)… it can be quite sensitive, dry but also temperamental in terms of breakouts. Now this is not a review where I end up stating C&P is the perfect fix for all of these problems, as I believe having good skin is about an overall balance of diet, lifestyle, etc. So what is it that keeps me repurchasing as soon as my little green tube has run out?!

Well, aside from the brand values and great customer service… I just love the feeling of my skin after I have used it. This is no greater than after a long day wearing make-up when my skin feels desperate for a good cleanse. Using make up remover alone will not leave you will squeaky clean skin, especially if you wear heavy foundation or mascara. This is where a good cleanser comes in, and in my case C&P.

There really is no better feeling than applying C&P all over my face, and covering it with a warm muslin cloth. I then give my skin a good rinse with luke warm water to help clear any remaining traces of C&P.

The beauty of C&P is it’s not heavy, or overly fragranced. Nor does it sting, tingle or leave the skin red like many cleansers I have used. Cleaning your skin is not about being harsh or over scrubbing – this is skin we are talking about, not a kitchen floor. It’s a massive misconception that bad skin deserves the harshest treatment, when infact not being gentle is often the worst thing you can do.

The key ingredients of C&P include Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa Butter and Eucalyptus essential oil… which in combination really do leave the skin feeling amazing – not stripped or irritated. The format is also really easy to work with, it’s quite thick but not in a heavy way – it allows for good application but at the same time isn’t runny or difficult to work with.

This cleanser is even suitable for guys too, and Liz Earle even have their own mens version which you can find here. Whether the format is different or just the packaging, don’t be put off because you think cleansing is just for women – skin is skin no matter what your gender, so take care of it!

Perhaps the only type of skin I wouldn’t reccommend C&P for is acne prone skin. Even though C&P says it is for all skin types, if my skin isn’t behaving I do switch up my cleansers. However I don’t attribute bad skin to the use of C&P – I just sometimes prefer a different type of cleanser that perhaps contains clay or other deep acting properties to really help clean my pores. C&P is still good in that respect, however as skin tends to change slightly throughout the month and become more breakout prone (like most womens), I like to tailor my skincare accordingly.

If you wish to try Cleanse and Polish for yourself, you can find the link to it here. Great news is that Liz Earle are offering free P&P until the 7th of August so get in there quick! Another great thing about the website, is there are a wide variety of sizes available, meaning if you don’t have a huge budget, you don’t have to buy the largest size. 

I was also amazed this month when I ordered a 50ml size, to receive a complementary 30ml tube (the size I usually order!), as well as 2 muslin cloths, a travel bag and a perfume. For me, this just shows how much Liz Earle value their customers because I can’t think of another beauty brand which go to such lengths to make people smile! 

Do you use C&P? Let me know if you do, or if you prefer another cleanser.

Author: paleskinmakeup

I am a beauty blogger with experience working on various different makeup and fragrance counters. I believe all skintones are beautiful and I love to inspire confidence within my readership.

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  1. I think that those harsh strippers are meant for skin like mine, which so oily it really needs an astringent to get rid of the blockages in my pores.
    I really like to feel when my Simple cleanser stings my acne a little because it means it's about to start healing (which it usually does within a few days).

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