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I never really feel like my make up is “done” without something on my lips. If I’m going fairly natural, this may be a tinted lip balm. However, I really love it when I can throw on a trusty lipstick, and there are 5 I tend to go for the most. Strangely, I don’t own any high end lipsticks… yes really! There are a few reasons for this, mainly because the nearest mac counter to me is 2 hours away. I also feel very strongly that the high street really does some fantastic lipsticks, so much so that up to now I have never felt the need to deviate from this. 

Here are the 5 lipsticks in more detail (in no particular order!)

1. Revlon – Matte 004 Pink about it

I’ve had this lipstick for a really long time now, and it’s still going strong even if it’s sadly getting ever closer to running out. It’s a little weird that it’s called “Pink about it”, as I think it’s more of an orangey coral shade with only the slightest hint of pink. It’s fairly comfortable to wear, although I think Revlon have discontinued it as I can only find it on Amazon.

2. Collection Volume Sensation – 13 Satin Bow

I actually received this lipstick as part of a £5 for £20 worth of products goody bag, at the Clothes Show. The lady said this lipstick was a good shade because it was so neutral, therefore suitable for a multitude of different looks. This is my first ever nude lipstick, and I have to say I’ve gotten alot of use out of it, even though it’s not all that pigment heavy. In a good way, this is useful because it means I can wear lipstick yet I know it wont overpower the look, or be to much for daytime. I also really like the packaging, you can’t beat a pink of pink!

3. Make Up Academy – Shade 16 Nectar

No, you’re not seeing things… this lipstick really did cost just a quid! I have been wearing this lipstick alot lately. It is quite matte so I like to apply balm before and after use so my lips don’t dry out. This shade is quite bold as it’s a bright orange/coral shade. However against my skintone, I can’t get enough of it. There are 16 shades in the MUA lipstick range, and I think for the quality the price is unbelievable, and it wouldn’t cost the earth to buy the entire range!  Compare £16 for SIXTEEN lipsticks (if you’re crazy enough), as opposed to £36 for ONE Tom Ford lipstick. Enough said!

Finally, it has a cute little detachable end that contains more product, which can be applied by hand like a balm or with a lip brush (such as the Real Techniques detailer brush). 

4. Rimmel London  – 500 Diva Red

Would you believe I actually won this lipstick on a competition held by Rimmel way back in the days of myspace?! Diva red is quite a dark red, but at the same time is quite vibrant when you apply it. The colour is quite pigmented and stays on a really long time (it was also the most stubborn swatch to clean off my arm!). If I was to be picky, I would probably advise a lip liner as the colour can bleed slightly if you apply too much product.

5. Barry M  – 121 Pillar Box Red

Good old Barry M, we haven’t forgotten you! This shade is very vibrant, and reminds me of old Hollywood. It has a slight sheen to it, however is more matte than gloss. The packaging is also quite sleek, and fits together to be quite small compared to my other lipsticks. This makes it ideal for my handbag, although I don’t tend to wear this shade all too often. However when I need it, I know it will deliver and last a really long time.

(If you were wondering, I had to use this lipstick for an art project hence it’s a little flat looking!)

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