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Nothing excites me more in the make up world, than finding pale foundations…. they are a rare find afterall! Lush – yes that shop that fills every shopping center up and down the land with the smell of bath bombs, jellies, scrubs and all sorts – have brought out their own range of foundations, entitled “Colour Supplements“.

I think this product is hands down the closest ever matching foundation I have ever found in relation to my skintone. Lush seem to have grasped the concept that pale foundation means NO orange/deep yellow tones. I swatched some of this product on my skin from one of the tester pots in their Lincoln store. Normally when I do this, I go into daylight outside and boom – it’s oxidised and turned much darker on my hand and that’s another load of money I have just wasted. I was completely amazed that Jackie Oates really does stay the same colour – and genuinely is 100% for pale skin tones.

Price wise, it’s £8.50 for 20g of product which I think is pretty reasonable. Sadly, us fairer folk don’t always have the option of price, coverage, brand etc… it’s literally what colour we can find to give us the closest match!

I wish the rest of this review was going to continue in such a positive light, however when I got the pot home and went to apply it… this is where things started to turn sour.

Before applying Jackie Oates, I cleansed my skin and applied Hydroluron, followed by my moisturiser and then a light application of MUA primer. This is the same routine I do before applying any base, as my skin is quite dry. This is where I soon ran into problems with Jackie Oates, as the application was terrible and no matter which method I used (hands or brush), I just couldn’t get it to sit nicely. I found that if I tried to blend it in, it would either peel away or simply cling to dry areas of the skin, and no matter how many times I went over with with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, I couldn’t get it to blend.

It kills me to speak badly of Lush products, as I find them and their values towards animal testing, recycling etc to be very commendable…. but at the same time I can’t lie. Jackie Oates for me is a big disappointment, which is a shame because as you can see compared to the lightest shade mac do (apart from pure white), JO is a very pale shade indeed.

Also, the first time I used this my skin broke out in quite an unusual way… I am wondering if this has something to do with the ingredients which includes Titanium Dioxide. I have tried to research this online and have found nothing substantial that suggests this is a bad thing as such. However, it does surprise me the ingredients aren’t completely natural, being made by Lush and all. Maybe someone can fill me in on whether it is harmful?

All in all, as you can probably tell I am quite dissapointed by Jackie Oates. However, I have a feeling it’s probably one of those products that simply works better for other skin types (such as oily) than it does mine. I still applaud Lush for recognising that there is a *dire* need for pale foundations… I am just sad that Jackie Oates doesn’t quite fit the bill. If they were to improve the formulation however, I would gladly re-purchase and re-review it… as I know they can do better with this one.

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  1. TiO2 is a very common pigment / filler. It sounds evil, but its a naturally occurring mineral (though it can also be synthesised). It's used in all manner of day-to-day products, and is the active ingredient in most sunscreens. Its what makes many things, from toothpaste to hard hats white. The particle size used in cosmetic type applications is too large for absorption by the skin. If you have more specific concerns feel free to ask and I'll try to answer.


  2. Hey Frankie! 🙂 Thanks very much for that info, I find it all fascinating if not a little baffling when looking at cosmetic ingredients. It's good to know Ti02 isn't anything nasty.

  3. I've never had issues with it blending and I have rather dry skin, but I think it's because I have never used a base/primer with it before. I also use my fingers. It's more like a bb cream than a foundation, and it should be treated as such I guess, sorry it didnt work for you, still in my top 5 for days when I have already fairly good skin 🙂

  4. You shouldn't use it in conjunction with moisturizer. I know, it even says that you can mix it with a moisturizer, but Jackie o contains oils such as rose hip (which is hella moisturizing and great for skin, shea butter and safflower oil. I found out the same way you did that you can't have a moisturizer below it. I found it takes very well with a freshly cleaned face. I've run into the same issue of having it mix with “feeling younger” as well. I'm assuming it's because that's oil based too, with most the ingredients being similar to it. I did find though, after you let it set into your face, you can reapply some more and it will build. Quite nicely I might add.

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