Sunday Riley Luna Review

This post should really be entitled “Ooops I did it again!”…. as if you remember earlier in the year I won 3 Sunday Riley products at a Caroline Hirons event. I casually entered another Sunday Riley competition on Sunday’s instagram page and well… you know the drill. Luna winged it’s way to me and 11 other people all the way from sunny Houston about 6 weeks ago now and I’ve been testing it every night since.

What is Luna? It’s a sleeping oil just for night time as it contains trans-retinol ester. It’s a bluey-green colour as it contains blue tansy. It also contains German Chamomile, Avacado and Chia seed oils as well as Cape Chamomile. It’s not suitable for daytime use or pregnant women.

So how did I find it? I think Luna is one of those products you love the more and more you use it, instead of straight away as with Good Genes. It has a light liquidy texture which makes it ideal for sandwhiching between serums/moisturisers. I’ve heard it’s also amazing when mixed with said Good Genes however mine had ran out. Although from previous SR mixing, I’ve found you can indeed make your own concoctions from the different products and they all work amazingly together.

I’ve found that with continued use my skin has gained a nice clarity to it, and I can always see a difference the next day which for me is important. It also has not irritated or broken my skin out which is equally important! It’s worth noting there is no sting or “tingling” with this product it just goes on like a regular serum/oil. It also does leave a slight blue tinge to the skin well it did on my skin anyway! But this is gone the next day.

Luna costs £85 and is available from Space NK or can be shipped from Sephora if you are not in the UK. If that amount is a comfortable amount for you to spend on skincare or if you are looking to treat yourself/a loved one then go for it. However if this is outside your budget go for an alternative instead.
I personally find that high potency products are great for night time skin repair, where as in the daytime I go for more hydrating products. Luna certainly fits the bill and I am really enjoying using it.
Have you used Luna and what did you think?

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