The Body Shop Foundation Shade Adjusting Drops!

Today’s post features a product that will no doubt interest alot of you out there like me who have super pale skin! Finding foundations that match us non tanned species perfectly is the bain of our lives right?!

The Body Shop have brought out two identical products with the opposite effect: One for deepening the colour of foundations, and the one above for lightening up foundations and cancelling out those orange and yellow tones that seem to be in every “porcelain” shade! – Thank God these people don’t work for Dulux! 😉

Whilst it is a bit of trial and error to see how much is actually needed (also varies with each foundation you try it with and of course the shade!) overall I am super impressed, especially as each drop is pretty pigmented.

I’ve been wearing it with my Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Foundation the shade BR10. This actually used to be the perfect shade for me, but I re-purchased it and found the shade was much deeper than it was previously and if left unmixed would turn very orange on me!

I’ve been trying it with the drops as these actually help erridicate those orange tones with the soft pink undertones of this product – perfectly for the colouring that typically makes up pale skin tones. It’s been working brilliantly and I can imagine it will breathe new life into all my other “too dark” foundations too!

I really think The Body Shop are onto something great here, and I hope it’s a product that will do well and help alot of you out there! If you try this, please tag me on social media to show how it worked for you!You can purchase Lightening Drops here for the incredible price of £10 for 15mls.

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  1. Fellow pale gal here. When you add the drops to the foundation, do you find that it changes the formula at all? I love color drops but I've always wondered if the formulas might make some foundations less long-wearing.

  2. Hi Elle! I don't know about long wearing I haven't had that issue myself. I guess it all depends on the formula you are mixing with. A white foundation is also good and if you buy the foundation closest to your skintone you will only need a small drop so there shouldn't be too much of a difference.

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