Nars Contest Win!

So it turns out I won another contest! My 3rd this year – oops indeed! But to be fair all products I have never tried before and lets be honest don’t exactly have the budget for either!

Interestingly this was yet another contest that required a creative sentence as an entry, this time it had to be beauty related. Mine was….

“No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart” – Kevyn Aucoin.

This is something I really believe in. Of course I love my beauty products, but I feel it’s so important to look beyond the aesthetics. Having worked in the beauty industry it was really disheartening to work for certain brands I had always loved, only to find the other team members to be the “you can’t sit with us!” type of people…. you know what I mean?

Well I bet none of them are sat here now with a box of Nars! It pays to be nice folks! 😉

Anyhoo as explained yes this is indeed a box of Nars. The limited edition edit for Glossybox infact which trended on twitter and sold out very quickly.

It contains Orgasm blush (no you have not stumbled on the wrong blog here!) This actually reminds me a little of the Sleek Rose Gold Blush, which I’m guessing must be a dupe of the Nars. Either way it’s a super soft colour and I’m so grateful as these type of shades work beautifully on pale skin!

Lets ramp things up with Orgasm the multiple which before I have to slap a parent advisory sticker on this blog – is actually referring to the different ways in which this product can be used! I was immediately impressed with how softly it glided across my skin when swatching, it honestly felt like pure silk. Again the colour is subtle and really catches the light. I can imagine it would look great on all skintones.

Also featured is the Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien, the Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via Veneto and the new Audacious Mascara. I think it’s great how they have included products that are actually popular and better still really wearable! With the variety of products one box really does cover all bases.
I can’t thank you enough Glossybox for choosing me, as mushy as that may sound to the rest of you. This was actually the first time I have ever tried any Nars products so I feel so lucky right now.
On closer inspection I discovered the original Glossybox seems to have contained all travel sizes, where as my prize contains full sizes! Okay I definitely need to get this post published before I actually faint.

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