Fresh Skin Lavender Oil

Sleep is something none of us can avoid, however we don’t always get that much of a refreshing one. Technology, stress, jetlag…. the list goes on as to why we wake up angry and usually hangry too.

I’ve tried Lavender before in various forms, but then I discovered it in a more potent oil form by Fresh Skin – an essential oils specialist website (they are also on Amazon!)

In the last few weeks I’ve been using this in the form of a couple of drops on my wrists/dotted on my sleepwear and it has massively improved both the length and quality of sleep I’ve been getting, with noticeable effects each time I use it.

I’ve even massaged it into the side of my face when wisdom tooth pain has occured and I found an amazing relief from doing so. The bottle cautions to avoid skin contact, however I have had no problems personally and I usually react very quickly! Of course, choose whether to do this or not at your own discretion.

It also goes without saying, don’t use if you are planning to drive before you’ve had a sleep as it’s effects creep on you very quickly!

Prices start from £1.89
, and even that goes a very long way before you even start to make a dent in the bottle contents. Infact, the smallest size would be more than ideal for traveling as it would even fit in your liquid bag allowance.

I highly recommend for anyone who has trouble sleeping or who is looking for a better quality of sleep overall. Use 2-3 times a week max so you don’t become too reliant, and make sure you drink plenty of water when you wake up as it’s not uncommon to be out for 10+ hours with this.

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