Whilst working for a makeup brand in Boots recently, a customer asked me for advice on finding a super pale pressed powder. I realised that the one I recommended to her was one I have been using for years and have yet to mention on either my blog or channel!

The product in question is Collection’s Pressed Powder in the shade Ivory 18. It’s brilliantly affordable too costing just £1.99 and is also available in a range of shades if you happen to be a different skintone to me.

What I like about it is that it’s very subtle in what it does yet works really well at setting makeup and keeping everything in place. This is not the case with some powders as they can be very well… powdery! Leaving a caked finish which ruins the look. The Collection powder is very discreet and yet holds really well. I’d also agree on the 10 hour hold it boasts.

The powder also contains Vitamin E and UVA/UVB sunscreen which can only be a good thing! Especially on fairer skintones we need all the protection we can get.

The reason I have never switched to a more expensive power is that for me it just works. Similar to their lasting perfection concealer which I have on constant rotation….why pay more when something is brilliant as it is?!

I’d recommend to anyone looking for a product which will help set their makeup and keep everything in place without taking center stage.

Author: paleskinmakeup

I am a beauty blogger with experience working on various different makeup and fragrance counters. I believe all skintones are beautiful and I love to inspire confidence within my readership.

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