Why you need to try Treatwell

For me the pre-holiday beauty ritual is sacred. Once all the planning and packing has been done, it’s time to give yourself and that chipped pedicure some love. After all, this our time to kick back and relax and we want to be looking our best!

One of the easiest ways to book beauty treatments is online, and this could not be anymore true in the form of my favourite beauty app: Treatwell.

Available throughout Europe, Treatwell allows you to book a myriad of hair, beauty and spa treatments all through its app and website. Therefore, you can create a whole beauty schedule just before jetting off, or even just to treat yourself.


I have used the app to book treatments at a variety of locations, including London and Manchester depending which airport I’m flying out of. Seen as I have to be there the day before anyway given I’m hundreds of miles away from either airport, why not make a day of it?

I start by leaving my case at Left Luggage. For around £10 they’ll take care of your heavier belongings for a whole day, so no trudging your heavy case through the streets on the way to a wax. With locations all over Europe and usually on the train platform itself, it couldn’t be more convenient. Especially seen as you can book your case a spot months in advance.

If I’m pre holiday I first book in a wax, followed by a mani/pedicure, shoulder and back massage, finishing up with a blowdry. Be sure to leave plenty of time in between appointments, and try to keep in mind the distance between each salon so you don’t have far to go.


In Manchester, I had a blowdry at House of Evelyn, and a pedicure by Emily Cunliffe, who is the daughter of Kym Marsh. The salon itself is also favoured by other Coronation Street Stars and celebrities alike, recently welcoming Lindsey Lohan.

One of the best places I have found for waxing in London is Pure Wax, which is based on the Strand. They offer a complete waxing package, meaning you are free to wear whatever you like on holiday with no razor stubble in sight. Yeesh. They wax multiple areas at once to get it over with quickly, in the best way possible!

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I hope I have inspired to, forgive the pun, treat yourself. With the chaotic and stressful lives we all lead in the digital generation, it’s important to put time and love back into yourself. Treatwell make this all too easy, all at the touch of an app!

This post is not sponsored with anything other than pure enthusiasm for what is a great business model, and something I thoroughly enjoy using.

Let me know your favourite salons and beauty locations you’ve found on Treatwell.

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