Andrew Collinge Haircare Review

Whenever you get a blow dry in a salon, you will notice no tool is touched without a specific blend of styling products used on the hair first.

Using styling products in addition to a decent shampoo and conditioner are essential for a professional finish, and this could not be more true than for someone like myself who has incredibly thick, difficult to manage hair.

The lovely team from Andrew Collinge in Liverpool sent me 3 products to try from Andrew’s haircare range, which I will be trying for you today.

You can also see the products in action over on my channel.

Andrew Collinge Blow Dry Lotion

After towel drying my hair, I spritzed some of the blow dry lotion onto my damp locks. The product claims to be a light, non sticky formula with heat and UV protection.

I found the blow dry lotion had a very light smell, which makes a change from haircare products which are overloaded with fragrance. There are certain brands (such as Redken) which do heavier scented haircare products well, but most can be far too overpowering. The smell was zingy yet light and fresh.

As well as being light on the senses, I was pleased that the formula still left my hair feeling clean and light, and not weighed down or greasy as many blow dry lotions can.

A great way to prep the hair for heat styling!

Cost: £14.50 for 200ml

Andrew Collinge Argan Oil

I have to be honest, oils in hair care scare me! There was one time I was going to an in-store event with Caroline Hirons, and decided to use a hair oil when blow drying my hair before leaving – I only used a small drop yet looked like a drowned rat!

There was no such worry with Andrew’s formula though. Despite my hair being shorter these days, the amount I distributed alongside the blow dry lotion did not overload my hair.

I noticed the combination of the two helped keep my hair feeling soft, whilst taming flyaways. Given I use my hairdryer on the highest heat setting due to the thickness of my hair, anything which will leave it feeling a little less fried whilst adding some bonus shine is most welcome.

Costs: £20 for 120ml.

Andrew Collinge Definer

This is a product perfect for anyone who suffers from static/frizz, or any unruly strands which won’t stay in place, especially for updo’s and finishing off your style.

I lightly grazed some on the top of my parting, which gave my blow dry a more polished looking finish.

It has a solid texture which is more like a balm, and you only need an incredibly tiny amount to tame flyaways.

Cost: £14.50 for 100ml

If you have any questions about Andrew’s products, leave me a comment below or visit his website.

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