“It’s beautiful and unique to have pale skin” – Finnish makeup artist Simona Hintsanen shares her beauty tips

Nestled in Finland’s vibrant capital city of Helsinki, lies Simona’s Kauneushoitola, which translates in English as Simona’s Beauty Salon. The salon offers a range of beauty treatments, including divine makeovers especially for girls with pale skin.

I first discovered Simona’s work through Instagram, where she uploads pictures of her incredibly demure makeovers on her clients, displaying her incredible talent for makeup.

Simona kindly took time out of her busy schedule to share her tips for girls with fairer skin tones.

Hello Simona! Tell us about you. Where are you from, and what is your business?

My name is Simona Hintsanen, and I’m an cosmetologist entrepreneur from Finland. I’ve had my own salon for little over three years, but I’ve been working in the industry since 2015.

I love the beauty business because every day is different and you get to meet new people and learn new things all the time! I have worked in a nailstudio, a spa and in a beautyclinic.

I love doing make-up, but facials and eyelash extensions are the ones that fill my calendar on a daily basis.

Recently though, I’ve been super excited about microneedling with growthfactors. AQ skinsolutions is something I discovered last fall and the results have been amazing! It’s very different from what I’m used to.

I also like to give stressed clients a massage, and a nice facial and do their make-up afterwards.

In Finland, what is the attitude towards pale skin?

In Finland pale skin is mostly what we have, it’s normal here. Our skintype is pale dry skin with couperose. The most difficult part of course is the sun that burns skin quickly, which over time can cause pigmentation.

Our climate is cold and we love to go to the sauna after spending many hours outdoors. So that leaves our dry, pale skins white with a little bit of redness.

I think many people with pale skin would like to get a tan or be other wise darker just so it wouldn’t burn so easily in the sun, and so you couldn’t see all the imperfections so easily.

A lot of times I hear clients say that their skin is so pale that they look sick, but I always tell them it’s beautiful and unique to have pale skin.

The look you did on Ti for her school ball was amazing! Can you tell us what products you used?

Pale skin makeup look on Ti, by Simona’s Kauneushoitola, Helsinki.

For Ti we did a cleansing and moisturising facial a week before the big day. She has a dry skin with some impurities due to hormonal changes, she is still young and sometimes has breakouts. 

She has uses Diego Dalla Palma products at home and I have taught her proper skincare.

The products I used for my client on her school dance (most are RVB the Lab, few Urban decay products)

– The long-lasting camouflage foundation number 11
– Geisha lifting concealer number 122
– Urban Decay eyeshadow primer in the shade eden
– High definition loose powder
– Eye pencil number 11 black
– Urban decay The heat palette: shadows he devil, en fuego, ashes, lumbre, ounce,
– Don’t cry anymore mascara
– Ardell individual lashes
– Cream eyebrow liner water resistant number 21
– Make-up fixer

Simona Added: “The blush is The waves from The RVB Lab spring/summer collection 2018, and the lip paint is also from previous summer collection from 2017.”

Pale skin makeup look on Ti, by Simona’s Kauneushoitola, Helsinki.

As a makeup artist, what products would you recommend for people with pale skin?

I always recommend for pale skin (and every other skin tone) to use SPF50 and nothing less.

In terms of make-up, I advise using warm and soft tones in their eyes or if the skin is so light that it almost looks blueish. I always love a red lip on pale skin, my absolute favourite.

When it comes to contouring, I recommend paler girls being very careful when they choose their product. Orangey shades can easily make pale skin look dirty. Orange blush on the other hand can work. Sometimes (like on Ti) cool tones work nicely on pale skin and accentuate the skin tone.

Ti rocked the dark lip and grey eye make-up. It really depends on the eye and haircolour as well, not just the skin tone.

In Finland we have a broad range of make-up lines that have great foundations for the light Nordic skin. I wouldn’t try to hide the light skin or make it look tanned, I always embrace and accentuate it.

To find out more about Simona’s services, visit her website or give her a follow on Instagram.

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