Trying an Indian Head Massage at The Attic Spa

As someone who suffers from chronic pain (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Bladder Pain that I have to take medication for, GERD, constant neck and skull pain… take your pick!) well, it’s fair to say that I have to work hard to take care of myself. For me, going for regular massages is not just an indulgence – it’s essential maintenance alongside all the other steps I take to minimise any of my conditions getting worse.

I normally opt for a Swedish deep tissue massage however for my latest treatment I wanted to focus on my skull pain so tried an Indian head massage. I returned to an old favourite location for this: The Attic Spa in Grimsby.

Unlike a regular massage, an Indian head massage is done seated. You simply take off your top, roll down your bra straps and place a towel around you like you would if you got out of the bath. If you are a bloke, imagine the same but most likely without the bra part!

Once you are settled your therapist re-enters the room, which is dimly lit with calming atmospheric music to really slow everything right down. This is one of the reasons an Indian head massage is also great for stress, tension, anxiety and poor sleep. It makes you stop and reflect, which is exactly what you need in today’s digital world.

The treatment lasted around 45 minutes and involved the upper arms, shoulders, back, neck and of course the scalp. It reminded me similar to a head massage done at the hairdressers only much longer. It really worked all the tension out of the scalp using gentle and firmer movements.

Afterwards I felt completely relaxed and chilled out, and my neck felt less tight making it easier to move. Like with any massage you do need to go home and shower the oil off (which was in my hair too!), but if anything makes you feel like a long soak in the tub… it’s an afternoon spent in a spa.

The Attic Spa

Located in Abbeygate, Grimsby, The Attic Spa provides a range of hair, beauty and medical treatments. The spa is very easy to find (next to Abby’s restaurant) and is served by train, public transport and has a car park within a very short walking distance.

I have been having treatments with Alison at The Attic Spa for around 3 years now. One of the best aspects of the spa is that it’s incredibly warm and friendly, and you never feel rushed at the end of your treatment either. It’s an absolute gem to have in Grimsby.

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*This is not a sponsored post, I just genuinely love this place!

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