Mac celebrates Aladdin release with themed makeup collection

To celebrate the release of Disney’s Aladdin, MAC have created a makeup line themed around the movie which stars Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine, and Will Smith as The Genie.

For anyone who has seen the movie which was released on May 22, 2019, one of the stand out features is the vibrant use of colour throughout, perfectly capturing the feel of The Middle East. This extends right through to the makeup, which was created by over 30 makeup artists who worked on the film.

It’s incredibly exciting that Mac have created a line to coincide with the movie. Without further ado let’s look at some of what they have created…


With a sumptuous gold and teal lid paired against rich, buttery shades – you’ll have your own taste of Arabia every time you pull one of these out of your handbag!

My favourite is friend in me, on the far left, as it’s completely wearable for day time. Although, the bright pink on the far right (whole new world) looks very similar to the shade Naomi wore throughout some of the scenes. A perfect accompaniment to her beautiful, mesmerising costumes.

Whatever your skin tone, there is a shade her for you! At £17.50, they are absolutely gorgeous lipsticks. All four would be equally divine and you could really mix and match between day and night.


Throughout the movie, we see incredible eyeshadow and eyeliner looks on Princess Jasmine, giving the whole movie a very modern feel. In fact, I can’t wait to sit and watch some tutorials based on the film after people have seen it.

The eyeshadow palette will allow you to recreate the look at home, including a wonderful brown matte which would be perfect to define the cut crease, or as a soft smokey liner under the eye. Who wouldn’t feel like a princess with such sparkly offerings?

At £26 for 9 shades displayed beautifully in a gold palette, this is a treasure any makeup lover would be happy to have in their Aladdin’s cave! Or, equally your everyday beauty stash.

Gold blusher and Lipglass

If there was ever a piece of makeup you really wanted to physically swatch, it’s the Mac Aladdin Gold Shimmer Powder Blusher.

This shade is designed as a “blusher” however in my opinion it would work better as a highlighter on deeper skintones. Pale girls need to be careful with warm blushers/highlights as this can clash with cool undertones. However, if you have warmth in the skin then go for it! Infact, if you do please tag me on instagram @paleskinmakeup so I can see how it looks on you!

There are also 3 lipglasses in the collection (always feels weird spelling it that way, but it’s a Mac thing!) The packaging is once again so on point for the highly creative vision of Aladdin, and will help you finish off the look.

Will you be buying anything from the range? Let me know your favourite pieces from the Mac Aladdin collection!

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