MUA Pro Base Foundation and Concealer Shade 100

Superdrug favorite MUA (Make Up Academy) have released a new foundation called Pro Base, which is available in 24 shades at a cost of just £5.

The products are cruelty and paraben free, and as they have quite a wide range of shades for paler and deeper skin tones, I thought I’d give both the foundation and concealer (which costs just £2.50) a try.

Before I get into the review of both products, here is how the MUA Pro Base Foundation in shade 100 compares with similar foundations for pale skin:

Foundation for pale skin. Mac NC15, Makeup Revolution F0.5, Illamasqua Skin Base shade 02, NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop shade 02, NYX White foundation Mixer, MUA Pro Base Foundation shade 100

Pro Base Foundation Shade 100

I bought the palest shade 100, as the next shade up in Superdrug which was 110 looked too far deep for my skin tone. On the MUA and Superdrug websites there are more shades available in between, although this wasn’t the case in the particular branch I visited.

The bottle is made from glass, which is a nice lux touch given the low price point. Though this comes right back at ya given there is no foundation pump, but a glue style spatula to apply the product with.

When I applied the swatch to my arm, it looked more of a cream off-white. However, when I applied the product on my face for my YouTube first impressions video, the colour was completely white and very sheer. Not what I expected!

The quality wasn’t fantastic and it did gather in lines around my jawline and hairline, similar to the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation. Having said that, for £5 – is it really fair to compare it to a Mac or Estee Lauder foundation?

Pro Base Concealer Shade 100

In all honesty, getting a concealer for just £2.50 is an absolute steal, even if in this case it felt a little flat on the performance side of things.

I tried to apply this under my eyes and over my scars on my face. I appreciate the colour is inappropriate to cover either of those problems (MUA do sell a colour correcting kit which would have been perfect for this!), however I was disappointed at how thin the consistency was.

Final verdict…

The MUA Pro Base Foundation and Concealer is affordable and available in a very wide range of shades, and is cruelty and paraben free.

Those aspects are great however when it comes to the overall quality of the products, for me it’s not something I’d be in a rush to recommend. However, if you need a white foundation for halloween or a theatrical production and don’t want to fork out for the Mac White face and body foundation, then you really can’t go wrong.

The low price point of MUA products would be ideal for teenagers just starting out with makeup or those on an extreme budget. After all, there are very few places you’d be able to get both your foundation and concealer sorted for under £10!

You could also use either product to tone down the colour of any of your foundations which are currently too dark for your skin tone.

I wasn’t thrilled and infact looked like I’d come off the set of thriller, but for the right purpose I can see it being just fine.

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