Nicola Roberts shows off her beautiful pale skin on the beach in Sardinia

Nicola Roberts was recently pictured enjoying a holiday with former Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberly Walsh in Sardinia, in photographs which were published on Mail Online.

Nicola complemented her pale skin and red hair with a berry coloured bikini, much to the praise of readers of the article, which with its intrusive shots of Kimberly in particular, was obviously intended to ridicule what is just two normal women letting their hair down at the beach.

Many praised Nicola for showing her pale skin, with one commenter saying: “I’m really pale like her, it’s naff at first but then you just accept it and you feel relieved, no more streaky fake tan.

“Given a choice we’d love a tan but we just have to accept what skin Mother Nature gave to us.

Another comment posted from someone in Aberdeen read: “News Flash! A lot of red heads have very pale skin. Who knew?!

“This is what I look like on the beach and I feel so self conscious because of people’s stupid comments.

“People come in all shades so why should we be made to feel ashamed of our skin?!”

To that person in Scotland and anybody else reading this, no matter what your skintone is you have every right to show it off on holiday, or well whenever you fancy really.

I personally think Nicola looks great, and if it inspires just one person to brave a bikini without a care in the World then I’m all for it! You do you. (Just remember your sunscreen!)

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I am a beauty blogger with experience working on various different makeup and fragrance counters. I believe all skintones are beautiful and I love to inspire confidence within my readership.

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