A Visit To Gordon Ramsay’s Pétrus

At the time of writing we’re all in lockdown due to a global pandemic. But cast your minds back a few months ago when you could visit any restaurant of your choosing. That’s where I pick up today’s post, which was a visit to Pétrus which is one of Gordon Ramsay’s many restaurants that are dotted around London.

For those of you who don’t know I’m in a LDR. My boyfriend Isaak lives in California and I live in Lincolnshire here in the UK. In December 2019 it was Isaak’s first visit to the UK. Top on his list (apart from seeing me, or so he says!) was a visit to Pétrus. Isaak is a huge Gordan Ramsay fan so it was high on his bucket list.

Today I am finally getting around to writing up what I thought about our visit. It might be a while until we can start visiting restaurants again, but I’m sure when the time comes we will show them plenty of support. Here’s how me and Isaak got on…

Inside Pétrus

I’ve been lucky enough to dine in some fairly upscale places in my time but Pétrus was something else. Nestled in the exuberant Knightsbridge, we headed there from our Liverpool Street hotel on a rainy Saturday night just before Christmas. I knew it was posh when we exited the tube and immediately came across Harrods. Though thankfully (as far as my bank account is concerned) we didn’t have time to drop in.

Pétrus is an intimate venue. In the centre of the room is a circular wine rack that’s quite a focal piece. Given I don’t drink I opted for Evian. There’s only around 15 tables in all which I quite like as you can actually have a proper conversation with your dining partner. It’s the kind of place that’s perfect for small celebrations with family and loved ones.

Pétrus – The Menu

The Food At Pétrus

Hopefully our camera phone shots in the dimly lit Pétrus do the immaculate presentation of the dishes justice. I’ll be honest, I’ve never experienced anything like it. Every dish (there were about 10 in all, including mini courses as you waited for the next main item) was presented as if it was a work of art. As it happens, it was the first time I had ever tried scallops (yes, despite being from Grimsby). I don’t think you can get a better introduction than ones made by the very instructions of Gordon Ramsay in one of his many kitchens. They were absolutely incredible.

Isaak was equally amazed by all the dishes too. We’re one of those couples that always let each other try our meals. To be honest, I couldn’t date anyone who wasn’t like that. Though we did come to blows once when he ate my tray of doughnuts at Universal Studios when I asked him to hold them for me. Ahem. The placement of vegetables on his lobster was a real highlight. It honestly looked like pure art.

Desserts At Pétrus

Pétrus – Our Verdict

Given Isaak and I live 6,000 miles apart, we have to really make the most of the time we do have together. Visiting Pétrus was a once in a lifetime experience for both of us. The serving staff definitely made the evening that extra bit special. Every time a dish was brought over they would stand on ceremony. It’s the closest I’ve felt to being royal yet, to be honest. 

Overall, the food and the atmosphere was on another level. It made me look at food in a whole new light. I now appreciate so much more about the artistry behind it than I did before my visit to Pétrus. As you might expect, dining here isn’t cheap (I paid for our 3 course Christmas dinner at Smiths of Smithfield in exchange). Though for those special moments in life, I highly recommend you give it a visit when they re-open. Our restaurants are really going to need our support once we’re through this difficult period, so let’s show them it.

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