Is The Dyson Hairdryer Worth The Money?

We’ve all seen the swish adverts of the Dyson hairdryer. It’s been out since 2016, so I’m sure most of you have probably had a go of it, or at least watched it in action on the internet somewhere. Though at £300, it’s most definitely an investment piece. The question is though, is it any good, and more importantly, is it worth the money? I bought the dryer just before Christmas and I’ve been putting it to the test ever since. Here’s how I got on…

My Natural Thick Hair

How to manage thick hair. Dyson hairdryer review.

When it comes to how thick my hair is, I give Gail Platt a run for her money. Seriously. Anytime I venture into a hairdressers, I am always told how I have “the hair of two people” or that my hair is “the thickest they’ve ever worked on.” It’s gotten to the point that to be honest, I dread going for an appointment. Over the years I’ve been made to feel like a hassle, and often, my hair gets cut wrong because locally, there aren’t many people with my hairtype (only my mum who gave this hair to me!), so stylists will openly tell me they just don’t know how to cut it.

Drying it is also a pain. I was previously using the Babyliss Pro Volare Ferrari Hairdryer. It was great, but recently started to conk out. One thing I will say is that I had to use it on the highest heat setting to dry my hair. Because I’m now blonde, it really started to fry my hair doing that. The Dyson on the other hand, concentrates on airflow rather than heat. Yes, the hairdryer is still hot but no where near the level of a regular hairdryer. You can quite easily get away with the medium heat setting. For those with thinner hair, I’m betting even the lowest heat setting. The technology Dyson have come up with here is in a different league. There’s just no other hairdryer like it on the market.

Blowing My Hair Straight

Now there’s a face of concentration if ever you’ve seen one! Dyson supply 3 attachments with the Supersonic. I use the ultra concentrated nozzle to smooth out my hair. It does a pretty good job of doing so. My technique is to use a plastic bristle brush (no Mason Pearson needed – mine literally cost £2 from Primark!). I basically go through each section, getting rid of all of my waves as I go. I should also mention at this point, the Dyson hairdryer is much lighter than most hairdryers too.

Though the best part really is the speed. When using a regular hairdryer, I need about 45 minutes to get my hair dry. With the Dyson Supersonic, it literally took me 10 minutes. On a cold day, it can be anywhere up to 20… but that’s still less than half the time of a conventional hairdryer! Whatsmore, the style locks in. My hair will remain smooth without needing to use straighteners. Though, if you want a super pin-straight look, you might still want to use them. For the most part, you can get away with it as is.

Trying The Dyson Diffuser

My hair has a natural wave to it, though nothing that works on its own. I wanted to see if I could enhance my wave by using the diffuser. As Dyson suggests, I used the highest heat setting with the lowest speed setting for this. I was expecting that to fry my scalp, but honestly it didn’t feel hot at all! Plus you only need to spend a few seconds on each section. Simply scrunch up the hair and hold it there, then release.

I created this look right after blowing my hair straight. All I did was wet my hair (as I’d washed my hair that morning already). Because such little heat is needed to blow it straight, you can mess around with different looks. Imagine doing so if with straighteners! Urgh, the damage that would cause! Not so with the Dyson. This was the first time I’d ever used a diffuser in my life. I simply followed the tutorial on the Dyson YouTube channel and honestly, it was a piece of cake!

The Final Verdict

Is the Dyson hairdryer worth the money?

Given I’m not a hairdresser and the above looks took about 20 minutes to produce between them, I’m more than impressed with the Dyson hairdryer. Yes, it’s £300 but given you need less heat, it’s quicker, lighter and more ergonomic to use – you get your money’s worth. Even the attachments are magnetic, so there’s no more pulling a hot nozzle off anymore when you are switching looks. Regular hairdryers may be cheaper, but if you have thick, long or damaged hair you’re going to be sat there for ages. All while blasting unnecessary heat on your tresses. With Dyson, they have completely re-imagined what is normally a laborious process and it shows.

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