First Trip To London Since Lockdown!

It’s been seven months and sixteen days since this Sinead O’Connor lyric tweaker had any beauty treatments. With my hair resembling that of a Flintstones extra and my fuzz certainly not hot, it was time for my first trip to London since lockdown to sort myself out.

The beauty industry have been doing it tough because of all the restrictions that were placed on them so it’s really important to support them. I decided to head to two of my favourite places in London for my first beauty treatments since lockdown, plus a new placed I tried for a haircut. Here’s how I got on.

Luxury Wax Bar Oxford Circus

My first stop was to Luxury Wax Bar which is a short walk from Oxford Circus Tube Station. I always book via Treatwell as it’s incredibly convenient and easy, especially as it has an app! This was my third visit to this particular salon, and I booked in with Adriana. Previously, I have had waxing done at another salon but the customer service wasn’t great. I found Luxury Wax Bar by chance and I haven’t looked back!

Even before Covid, I always found the rooms to be extremely clean and comfortable. This makes a huge difference when you are getting any beauty treatment done, but especially waxing. As for the procedure itself, it honestly isn’t painful in the slightest. One of the reasons I stopped going to the previous salon is they said they “find it funny when they make people cry when they wax them”…. no such attitude here. I honestly thought it would be painful given it’s been almost a year since I was able to travel here, but I barely felt a thing!

waxing london

The room is gorgeously decorated and they always have something good to watch on TV. Far better than awkward silences! It’s also worth noting the rest of the salon is immaculately clean and professional. There’s always an upbeat, friendly and professional atmosphere which is one of the reasons I always return. If only they’d open a salon up north! They are worth travelling 3 hours to until then.

Spa & Massage Fitzrovia

Just a short walk away from Luxury Wax Bar is Spa & Massage, which is located in Newman Street in Fitzrovia. As someone who suffers with chronic pain, regular massage is essential for breaking up all that scar and restricted tissue that comes with working long hours at a computer. The last massage I had was at Christmas, and I was really feeling it in the knots and tension that had since developed in my upper back.

I adore Spa & Massage (they have 5 sites across London), because they are fantastic at chronic pain issues. I have to be honest, I’m not into the light and gentle kind of massage. They are fine for relaxing you, but not releasing tension and pain within the muscles. My favourite therapist here is Irina who once rightly pointed out where I have a known disc problem in my neck before we even started. It’s some kind of magic I tell you!

massage london spa and massage fizrovia beauty

Now I will say that deep tissue massages do you leave you feeling a bit sore the next day. That’s because your therapist is literally working out all the crap stored in the muscles (knots cause waste products to be stored in muscle because it can’t drain properly). In fact, a really good massage should leave you sounding clogged up for a couple of hours afterwards, because it’s quite literally your body filtering all the waste out of the muscles. Hence, why you are supposed to drink plenty of water afterwards!

The spa is quiet, clean and comfortable. It’s the perfect escape from the (usual!) hustle and bustle of London. If I lived closer I’d honestly book in once a month. It would be awesome if they appeared on Treatwell one day so that I could manage all my appointments in one place. For now you can call or book via the website.

Eleven Hair Mayfair

I really hate having my hair cut. I wish I didn’t, but because I have the thickest hair known to man, I always feel like I’m putting the stylist out. My extremely thick hair after 7 months without a cut was a sight to behold. I could have genuinely passed as a cavewoman. The weight of my hair was giving me tension headaches. It had to come off!

I headed to Eleven in Mayfair. It wasn’t easy to communicate what you want with a mask on, and I think this is the first time I really struggled all day. Though I definitely found it a complement when the receptionist said that if I was under the age of 12 I could take my mask off. I’m some 18 years old than that. I’ll take it though!

To Sum Up

It’s definitely a weird one heading to London post Covid, let alone getting beauty treatments done where people actually have to touch you, rather than social distance. One thing that stood out to me is how much of a ghost town the city was. I’ve never been to central London and been able to hear a pin drop, especially on a Saturday in Oxford Street! I’m not kidding, it was empty on the tube and on the streets. Only Carnaby Street seemed busy, but that’s because people were eating in Kingly Court which is quite narrow.

Let me know in the comments below, have you ventured out for any beauty treatments yet? If not, what are you most looking forward to getting done?

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